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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Living the Life

This past weekend was awesome. We finally had beautiful perfect weather for three days straight.  It was a long holiday weekend with many wonderful and fun adventures. Below is a list of what I did with my weekend.

1. I was asked and went to a concert at CMAC. The main performers were Death Cab for Cutie and Head or Heart. I had never been to CMAC nor had I been to a large concert in years.  I had forgotten how much fun they are. The music was great and the atmosphere was fun. By the end of the evening we had made our way down to right in front of the stage which was great.

2. I attempted a couple of impromptu bbq's with friends which was all about great food, fun times and awesome friends. I also hosted a bbq at my house for my parents and grandma which was a really wonderful time to spend together. I kind of cooked or rather did the prep work and my mom ran the grill. :)  We ended the bbq with a walk to the corner ice cream parlor. yummy!

3. Game night with the ladies. We played a Scatagories Catagories game I had purchased in a yard sale practically brand new for a dollar. In addition we played Spot It. The best part was when my friend Amanda started snorting because she was laughing so hard. This made the rest of us laugh even harder.

4. I was able to go sailing with a friend one afternoon. Unfortunately while it was sunny and warm there wasn't much wind once we got out of the bay. We basically floated which meant I was wearing the wrong attire as it gets really hot just sitting there. I had dressed anticipating for wind and cold air. oops!

5.  My friends Amanda, Vi and I went for an 18.5 mile bike ride around Conesus Lake on Memorial Day. It was a beautiful day but got a little bit windy at times. (where was that wind when we were sailing)  This was my first bike ride for the season. It felt great although my butt was slightly sore the next day. Perhaps I need to purchase some padded biking shorts. NOT!

6. I recieved the mailing list for the Hand Community Art Swap. I sent all of mine out yesterday! Can't wait to start receiving some in return.

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