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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Whoa...I'm back and trying new things!

I've been stacking up blogs for over a month and am finally making it my mission to get caught up. Something about working full time (all different hours), taking some night classes, community art classes and trying to have a social life has kept me pretty darn busy over the past couple of months.

So, here's what I've been up too. I've tried my hand at making some new foods. Yes, can you believe that!  The first was kale chips recommended by a co-worker and the second was getting a smoothie mixer and starting to make smoothies.

Kale chips- Get a bunch of kale about 1.99 a batch. Pull apart into small pieces. Rinse and dry throughly. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Place parchment paper on cookie sheet pans and then spread kale pieces all over. Spread one table spoon of olive oil and then I sprinkle on some seasoning and  bake for about 10 minutes. FYI- smelled like something was burning when it was baking.  Tasted pretty good and kind of crispy. Problem came when it was still warm and I put it in a closed container, left it in my car for a couple of hours before going to the party I was bringing it to. Yuck! Quickly became awful and ended up throwing it away and chose not to serve it.

Next recipe I made. Well, not really a recipe. I purchased a Hamilton smoothie blender for 16 bucks on Amazon. My students actually schooled me that you can buy frozen fruit (yeah I didn't know this- hey don't pass judgement) and they told me different kinds of smoothies I could make.  I've made a couple. The first was chocolate frozen yogurt, reduced fat peanut butter and a third of a banana. Pretty good but a little to much banana taste for me.  Second and third smoothies were made with mixed frozen fruit (strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries), a serving container of Danon strawberry greek yogurt, and some fat free milk. First attempt a bit thick, second attempt much better consistency. Tasted pretty good!  My goal is to continue to gather smoothie recipes and keep trying.

Here are some pics of my effort:

All baked.

Finished smoothie.

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