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Monday, May 13, 2013

More Fun Adventures!

Here's some fun things I've been up to recently:

1. Chocolate and Wine- I purchased a Groupon for this place because I've always wanted to check it out. When my mom came up for a Girls Weekend we went and checked it out.‎
It has some great wine and awesome deserts. Yummy!

2. Mani/Pedi- My mom and I purchased Groupons for a mani/pedi at Serenity Day Spa;‎.  I wouldn't recommend this place. It took us three different appointments to finally get in and even though they offered a free upgrade to gel manicures for the hassle it was still less then stellar of an experience. Regardless it is always nice to be pampered and was an inexpensive treat.

3. Full Body Massage- On another Girls Weekend to celebrate Mother's Day, I treated my mom and I to 50 min. massages at Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage;‎.  Love this place and would highly recommend it. Inexpensive massages since it's a teaching/learning school but very professional and great massages.

4. Hot Glass Bead Making Class- I took a 2 hour class at Studio 34 Creative Arts Center. Amazing experience that I will blog separately about.

5. Flash Women's Soccer game- My co-worker and her husband have season tickets and invited me along one Saturday evening. It was a beautiful day and evening and we had a great time. Of course a bit of a bummer that Abby Wambach was not playing due to a concussion but hey maybe I'll get to check out another game this summer.‎

6. Imagine RIT-is an innovative and creative festival held on the RIT campus in Rochester. This is a huge family friendly festival that is absolutely FREE. I checked it out with some friends and had a great time. The campus is huge and there was a ton to check out. Of course these students are total geniuses and their inventions and programs were way over my head, but I enjoyed seeing the inventions. Mostly I enjoyed this one building of fun things like the Adult Size Candy Land that you could go through (check out Queen Frostine's Candy Castle business). This was fun and yummy!

7. Created By Us Pottery- I love this place! While I find creating pottery by scratch wonderful, it's quicker to go to a pre-made place and focus on the painting portion. I purchased a Living Social deal where you pay $10 and get $20 worth of projects.  So I went after work on a rainy day last week and made a mug for my grandmother for her birthday and made a little vase for me! Boy, 1.5 hours goes by fast when you are listening to music and just creating!

8.  Comedy Club- I went with my co-worker and her husband to a comedy show at‎.  It was hilarious! I haven't laughed that hard in a while. I think my stomach hurt the next day.  There's a couple of performers including Drew Carey coming this summer that I want to check out.

9. Lilac Festival- My mother came up for Mother's Day weekend for a Girls Weekend mostly because she wanted to attend the Lilac Festival. She has only been to it once when my nephew was very young so we didn't get to stay for a long time and never walked through the lilac's (mostly because it's a rare year when they are actually in bloom during the festival-typically the rain makes them short lived or they bloom later if it's a long cold spring). However, this year it was perfect timing. We got to walk through the lilac's, hit up the great festival foods (fried door and roasted cinnamon almonds), and browse through the arts and craft tents. Ooooo and participate in a lot of food tasting. Yummy!‎

First gel manicure.

Chocolate and Vine

Mom and I at the Lilac Festival.

Tried my hand at the bubble technique.

Sunflower mug for my grandmother's birthday.

Imagine RIT- fake brick wall made from knitted squares

Look art therapy is every where! :)

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