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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

February and March Art Project Donations

I spent and evening in February and an evening in March at the college I work at working volunteering and working with students from various Civic Engagement programs teaching them about Dress A Girl Around the World and how to create the dolls.  In the first evening we made about 33 dolls. The second evening brought in a bigger crowd throughout the College because a group of 4 students taking a Women and Gender Studies class picked up on the project and asked if they could host the event and invite other students. Of course I said sure!

I taught them how to prepare all of the materials and the night of the event we had about 25 students participate from student athlete's to a nursing major and her 5 y/o daughter. I gave a presentation about the program and then their was a host at each table that gave instructions on how to create wish dolls. My wonderful co-worker spent hours making "doll" cookies with homemade frosting that we served that evening.  And the hosts were so pleased that the founder Angels of Mercy, Inc. and her partner showed up at this event and talked with everyone about the wonderful work they were doing.

All in all that evening we probably made over 40 dolls. Swear I took pics of dolls and cookies but can't find. Will add if I ever do. Here's some links to check out if you are interested in this project:‎‎

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