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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chainmaille Jewelry, Great Food and Awesome Friends...

My friend Sara invited a few of us over to her place for a wonderful homemade dinner of stir fry (which yes I tried, ate and liked) and then taught us how to make Chainmaille jewelry. It was so much fun we created past midnight.  She taught me how to make a Byzantine bracelet and a Captive bracelet with pearls.  I've gotten so many compliments from people and a client wanted me to make some for her moms. :)  To hard to explain how to make them but boy it does take patience and it does hurt the wrist after a while, but these were the beginner levels and it was doable. Sara is making a beautiful necklace for a wedding gift for a friend and it is very intricate and time consuming. She's spent probably 16 hours on it so far. It's soooo beautiful!

Here's some links to check out if you want to find out more about Chainmaille making:

Here's some pics:

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