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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gnome Garden: Classy or Trashy?

I have these horrible huge tree trunks in the back of my yard. The neighbor who the trees belong to has refused to take care of the trees over the years. I dread the day they split and crash on the nearby garbages of my neighbor or me. Anyway, the trees have gotten so big their trunks and roots are all over my yard and they uplifted the back fence. Before I bought the house someone planted ground covering (which got out of control and I had to step in and put it in it's place last year). I've stared at these trunks for 4 years trying to figure out a way to make them look less obtrusive and ugly. I came up with a Gnome Garden!

I purchased some ceramic mushrooms, a welcome bouncy gnome, two gnomes playing checkers with ladybugs (this is a solar light), and 2 mosaic solar lights all for 50% of Rite Aid (total cost $20).  I opted for medium size gnomes. I didn't want the large ones because they seemed to tacky.  Then I found a 1920's laundry shoot door that I had in the basement and distress painted it. I put a decorative knob on it and a client of mine who is wonderful with clay and creating delicate things created a very detailed door knocker for it.  I then found this idea on Pinterest to make large mushrooms out of plastic bowls and went to Savers and purchased 3 bowls for 1.50 total. I painted spots on them, sealed them and then drilled them into the branches sticking up from the roots. The link to make them is;

Here's some pics of the outcome. What do you think...tacky or classy?

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