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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jolly Rancher Lolly Pops

I found this recipe if you want to call it that, on Pinterest the other day. I thought "hey I can totally make these." Of course you'd have to know the following about me; I don't cook or really bake. I've been working on it slightly but I'm way away from being a chef. Cooking has never really interested me but I do enjoy others great cooking.

Anyway here's the link from Pinterest;  Now if you try to follow the link somewhere you get nowhere.  You have to just use the visuals provided.  I'm having a girls night party at my house next weekend and thought I'd make some of these lolly pops up as a thank you. I also thought sending one to my nephew and giving one to my co-workers 4 y/o would be pretty cool.

So this Saturday morning I set out on an adventure to make these easy peasy lolly pops. Here's what I learned.
-Parchment paper goes in the oven not wax paper.  (Thankfully co-workers corrected me prior to putting wax paper in the oven. )
- The recipe said put the oven on 200 and bake 5 min.  It took 10min. at 200 degrees.
-Then I stuck the lolly pop stick on them squishing it down but it did not cover the stick like the picture shows. I ended up taking my "clean" fingers and having to pull the melted candy over the stick.

Overall a bag of jolly ranchers made 23 lolly pops. Besides the jolly ranchers I purchased lolly pop sticks and plastic bags from Micheal's Craft Store, both with 50% of coupons.  I probably spent $6 dollars on this project total. Was kind of fun and was neat to try once. I have a lot of left over sticks and bags so we'll see what I try next. I think this would have more fun to create with kids.

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