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Monday, February 25, 2013

DIY Hanging Lamp

If you saw one of my previous blogs I explained and showed where I got the idea to make a scrap fabric lampshade for my spare room. I also said my next goal was to make a lampshade to hang in our comfy group room at work. Well...I actually followed through and did make it.  It only took about a half out last night to make.

I purchased the square frame from Savers for $3.50 and the light kit from Lowe's for $9.95.  Using the same concept as the previous most I tore the lampshade apart down to the metal and then ripped scraps of fabric knotting them around the lampshade frame.  The only difference this time is that I left more space in between the fabric strips and didn't due the upper or lower edging.

Luckily I was having neighbor Bob over for dinner last night so I asked for his help in putting together the light bulb kit. This was the difficult part because you had to snip and screw wires together.  Overall the project took about 45min. total.  I hung it up in the group room today and it looks awesome. I've received a ton of compliments on it already.

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