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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thailand Part 2: Massaging my way through Thailand

I don't really have any pictures of the massages I got while in Thailand but I do have stories.  Some people choose to eat their way through Thailand. I chose to massage my way through Thailand.  I got 6 massages in about 11 days.

Day 3- I got a massage at the hotel spa called Let's Relax. I got a foot massage/reflexology. It only cost 350 bahts which is about $12.  It was very fancy and nice except for a little tickling of the feet.

Day 5- Our hotel had a massage spa right across from it so I booked my first hour long Thai massage.  It cost 350 bahts again! I think I had the owner give me the massage. It was both the best and most painful massage ever.  Thai massages our not our traditional Swedish American massages. These guys twist, bend and tenderize each part of your body. My guy was about 160 lbs and walked on me.  There were multiple times were it was so painful I grimaced, had to tell myself to just breathe through the pain, and perhaps I even whined a couple of times.  Believe it or not, if you could get past the pain it felt great.

Day 6- My friend Libby and I booked massages at our hotel spa the next night. This time the massage people came to our room and gave us massages at the same time on our beds.  This experience is a bit awkward and the massage lady wasn't the best but it was okay.  It cost 400 bahts for an hour.

Day 9- I got a fish foot spa for $100 bahts (about $4) for 20min.. This was a very unique experience. You stick your feet and calves in a huge fish tank and then hundreds of tiny fish immediately swarm at your feet and calves and start nibbling on them. You keep your feet in for 20 min. and the fish eat away the dead skin leaving your feet smooth. This was crazy. Hundreds of fish attacking your feet at once. It was overstimulating and tickled a ton which made it very uncomfortable.  My feet hadn't had a pedicure since last fall so I think they came out feeling a little less rough. :)

Day 10- Went to a fancy spa for a traditional Thai massage for 1.5 hours.  This was a bit more expensive as you got picked up at the hotel and carted to the massage place in Chaing Mai.  In addition they gave you fisherman pants and a shirt that you wore during the massage and you got to keep. Libby went to and it was perhaps the most hilarious experience. We were side by side and she had a little chubby Thai woman. Libby would grunt from the pain and woman would grunt from exertion and often stop to wipe sweat off her brow.  She also stripped Libby down to underwear and bra which was hilarious to hear happening. We were all laughing so hard that we made other people getting massages laugh. My stomach hurt from laughing so much. Needless to say it was an unforgettable experience.

Day 12- I decided to get one more massage at our last hotel before heading back to the states. I went back to the Let's Relax spa and had a back/shoulder/neck massage for $300 bahts. This was pretty intense and it the spot after all of the traveling and carrying bags around constantly.

I will never forget a Thai massage but think I'm ready to go back to the good old american swedish massage for a while. ;)

I had to grab Libby to keep from freaking out from the sensation of all the fish attacking me. It tickled so bad.

Thai place where Libby and her massage person cracked me up during the entire 1.5 hour massage.

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