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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thailand Adventure: Part 1 "Food and Drinks"

I'm back in the states after a 2 week adventure around Thailand.  There is so much to tell about this amazing trip that I've decided to break it up into four parts; food, adventures, massages and what I learned along the way.

First things first, I do not like Thai food! I had an idea of this before heading to Thailand that I didn't like Thai food so I knew that was going to be an issue.  I went on a date a couple of years ago and we went for Thai food. Didn't like it then and still don't like it.

What I can tell you is that I did go prepared by bringing some all american snacks in the form of cereal bars and fruit snacks. I went through them all!  I can also tell you that I tried a majority of  Thai food throughout the trip, a little bit was okay but a majority of it was not to my liking.  The important thing is that I tried everything.

I ate curry, coconut soup, sticky rice, rice noodles, fried vegetables, and lots of things I didn't know the name of.  Some of the more unique Thai things I tried was grilled rat, tiger penis whiskey and cobra whiskey.  What I will tell you about them is that they were all fairly to severely disgusting.  Rat tasted like duck/hen, cobra whiskey was smooth but gross (probably because I don't like hard liquor) and tiger penis whiskey about killed me it was so bad.

So what did I survive on...white rice and plain chicken (when I could find it) and mostly breakfast. Breakfast at the hotels was bizarre. They had dinner meals for breakfast. You could get pasta, curry and rice, meat, sandwiches, and so much more. It was kind of gross. Who wants that stuff for breakfast?  I stuck with a plate (sometimes two) of croissants with nutella, pancakes or french toast with nutella, and cheese omelets.  I often times would eat breakfast as my main meal, have an ice cream bar for .50cents for lunch and then a mediocre Thai dinner (which means I left hungry after picking out the white rice). Or vice versa breakfast, a Thai lunch that left me hungry and then ice cream for dinner.   It all worked out. I didn't starve and didn't lose any weight so if I can make it 2 weeks in Thailand than anyone can. ;)

melted coconut

I tried everything here but only liked the white rice.

Breakfast of champions.

At the floating market they sold snails, snakes and turtles for eating.

Fresh fruit.

Lots of whole chicken on the stick in Thailand.

Their version of Cotton Candy.

Making the flour roll that they put the cotton candy in.

Their cotton candy. It's very sweet and sugary rolled into a thin flour tortilla.

Grilled field rat.

Baby to big daddy size.

Some type of sticky noodles.

Fried vegetables. I only liked the green stuff you see in the picture which is spinach.

Coconut soup.

In Burma I tried bitter nut. Some come seasoned with marijuana. I skipped that version and went with the plain version. Tasted extremely bitter like raw cocoa. I spit it out right away.

Ahhh after a very hot morning around Burma I rejoiced in a cold cocoa. It was amazing...just wondered if I would get sick because I'm sure the ice that was used in the street stand was not for tourists.

Chicken and rice. Wasn't a bad meal I just prefer my chicken not looking like a chicken and having all of the bones there.

Tiger Penis Whiskey in Laos

Hmmm...yummy. Some people had lunch, while I had homemade mud pie.

A street cart food. Basically a homemade tortilla with nutella on the inside and drizzled on top.

Cobra Whiskey in Laos.

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