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Monday, June 8, 2015

New Mexico Adventures

After Thailand came New Mexico. I stayed with my friend Libby at her beautiful home which is pretty much at the base of the gorgeous Sandia Mountains for about a week.  She had to work a bit but I got to relax. When she wasn't working we were having a lot of fun.

We went to the Isotopes baseball game with ice cream after. Yum yum! Then the following morning we woke up a little early and headed to the Mountains to hike the La Luz trail from the bottom to the top of a huge mountain. We went from an elevation of 6,500 to 10,500 over the course of the day. This ended up being an all day adventure and the hardest hiking I've ever done.  I wore my running sneakers as that is all I had. I think hiking shoes would have came in handy.  The first 3/4 of the trail wasn't to bad but the last 1/4 was pretty rough going. It was mostly boulders that you had to climb over non stop. There was so many rocks you couldn't see the path. And then when you get to the last mile which is cutting horizontal across it doesn't seem as strenuous but it was touchy because the path was only about a foot wide in most spots and a steep cliff off the bottom on the right side the entire way. The views were absolutely amazing and I'm so proud of us for pushing through and completing the hike. We clocked in at about 9.6 miles by the time we were done.  We took the tram down the mountain and celebrated with a nice cold drink and tacos!

My last full day in ABQ, Libby and I went on a hot air balloon ride. We woke up very early and took the sunrise trip. We got to see how the balloon goes up all the way to helping to tear it down.  There was 12 of us crammed into a 600 lb balloon.  Flying in a balloon is awesome. You don't even feel the elevation or rising and the views are amazing. Especially in ABQ as it was clear and sunny so we could see for about 100 miles in any direction.  The most annoying thing was that you can still hear DOGS barking all the way up in the sky. Arrrrrrr!!!!  Landing was crazy. When they say you bump, drag, bump and may end up being dragged sideways they weren't kidding. We landed on our side!

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