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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Some More Art Inspiration!

Here's a few more pics from my travel art journal curtesy of my craptastic phone. Someday I'll upgrade...

Also it is that time of year again. ROCO held their 6x6 exhibit and I purchased my 8th piece of artwork. If you aren't familiar with this fundraiser/art exhibit check out the following site; .  I've created artwork for the exhibit and they've sold each year since it's inception 8 years ago and I've purchased a piece each year.  I purchased another piece from a Rochestarian out of over 5,000 pieces.  Below is a pic of my purchase. In addition, I received notification that so far one out of 2 of my pieces have sold.  Check out the exhibit and purchase some great artwork inexpensively and it supports a great cause. You can purchase from this years artwork or search through previous years artwork and purchase from those.

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