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Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Week of Amazing Friends and Some Art

I've spent the past week in the company of many glorious friends of mine.  We laughed at the ridulousness of watching Pitch Perfect 2 on opening night in a theater full of tweens who actually clapped at the end like it was a world class movie (it was pretty funny though). We've worked out at the gym laughing at all of the lugs grunting and groaning taking themselves way to seriously. We've walked around the Lilac Festival making sure to stop and enjoy the lilacs, gone to yoga and laughed out loud at the horrible poses requested of us (that obviously normal people aren't meant to be able to do), enjoyed the amazing weather by going to stand up paddle boarding at the bay and creek (trying not to anger the geese with their ducklings), and eating a lot of ice cream and chocolate chip cookies!!! What more can a person ask for in life

I've even starting creating some art again. I'm taking my little travel sketchbook and pens with me on my trip. There is going to be a horrific amount of time spent in airports and planes so maybe I'll get some good creating time in. ;)

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