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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Postcard Swap

It's hard to believe the Art (Therapy) + Happiness Project is coming to a close after participating in the project for the past year.  The final community art swap has started. We have to create postcards related to the theme "community and connection".  I found a bunch of postcard paper and a couple of photo postcards I had made about a year ago.  I brought the postcards into work and throughout my lunch breaks I've been working on creating them. I focused on using minimal materials and simple designs so I stuck with a black ink pen, black sharpie, and gel pens. On one postcard I used crayons.

Overall I like the way they turned out. Simple but neat designs. Most importantly they helped me to take time during the busy stressful days I've been having and take care of myself.  Hopefully those I swap with will like them.  This final swap has a majority of my postcards going overseas to Hong Kong, England, the United Kingdom, Canada and  France. I'm excited to see what postcards I receive in return.  I'm very happy that I participated in this this general project even if I didn't end up using the project to its full potential. In the end I got out of the project what I really wanted to and that was to create art and be able to communicate with others on a global scale.

The second photo bottom left is actually suppose to be vertical. I find it interesting that I didn't know until viewing these pictures that I created each image to be viewed horizontally instead of vertically (except for that one).

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