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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


So life has been busy and I haven't gotten to do yoga at all for over a month. I finally made it back to Sunday morning yoga at Lulu Lemon. I knew something was up from the time I walked in. They had coffee, and Kind bars (yuck), and a raffle for a couple of prizes. That was unusual but the most unusual part was the wood floor was covered with mats and not the yoga mats of everyone but the kind that are puzzle pieces that you put together. Then everyone put their mats on top of those mats.  The place was packed.

It turned out that I was in for some acroyoga (acrobat).  The first half of the class was tough yoga and the second half required you to partner up with (your community) in twos and threes where you tried some pretty wacky moves.

I left there unsure about the yoga session. It was good to try something new but I like my personal space and having others walk and lay all over my mat didn't really appeal to me. Plus it was pretty uncomfortable trying to trust complete strangers to hold you up in these awkward poses and not drop you. Not to mention it was to close to comfort. Some people were sweaty and smelling a bit ripe since it was hot in the store.  It was my favorite kind of yoga, that's for sure.

Once again I feel that we as a society try to take things to far sometimes. What happen to just plain know something that's good for your body and mind...without having to twist it into something new and different?

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