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Monday, November 10, 2014

Mantra Art

I've been dealing with a lot of stress lately and I needed to create and express myself to remind me of my resiliency.  The fact that I'm a firm believer in standing up for myself and others despite the stress it might cause me makes me who I am. And I'm very proud of who I am.  However; this doesn't mean that I'm immune to getting exhausted when fighting a battle for what is right and fair.  

I ended up creating this piece of artwork. I chose to work with watercolor because it's challenging for me and I don't consider it a medium that I am competent in.  I continued to work on calming myself down when I got frustrated with the medium and kept working with it. I then chose to put positive reminders all over the painting. I decided to hang it up at work in front of my desk so that when I need a reminder to keep up the good fight.

I then decided to sign up for a watercolor class at The Brainery this coming weekend to continue to challenge myself with watercolor.  

I had time after completing the watercolor and felt like creating a mandala. I wanted to not think and just go with patterns. The color is the positive things in my life but the thin black is the stressors. They always tend to be interwoven among the positive things.

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