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Monday, October 20, 2014

The Mobile Sketchbook Tour & Oh so much more...

Last week I received an email that the Sketchbook tour was coming to a city near me, Buffalo. The was coming in 3 days and was from 5-9pm on a night where I taught class after work until 6pm.  Therefore I knew this was going to be a long day to begin with and then I'd have to drive 1.5 hours to Buffalo to see the mobile library and back again in same day.  I did a call out to some friends thinking that if I had some fun people to go with it may not be so rough. Luckily my friend Sarah was up for an adventure.

So after an all ready long day/week we headed out to downtown Buffalo on a beautiful Thursday evening. It was great to get some time with Sarah to check in on how life was going and we got to enjoy Fall time in Western, NY.  We made it to the mobile sketchbook library and spent some time checking out books.  There were some really talented artist and some other let's saying interesting sketchbooks.

After spending some time at the mobile library we went into the WNY Book Arts Center which was sponsoring the tour;  This was an awesome store/arts center.  There was all kinds of homemade cards, screen prints, and book binding equipment. There was also altered books throughout the stores as decorations.  And to celebrate the sketchbook tour the store held a sketchbook making station. It was super cool.  They used scrap ink screen prints as the covers that you were able to choose from and showed you how to create a sketchbook by adding papers and binding the book together.

We left the event and completed our Buffalo adventure with going to The Pearl. Apparently this is a well known Buffalo brewery. I had the most amazing gouda cooked with beer soup and a wonderful chicken wrap. My friend had the most delicious looking turkey bacon sandwich on sour dough bread with french fries. Yummy!!!

We headed back in the opposite weather then when we left. It was down pouring and lightening for most of the return trip and we got back late but it was totally worth the long day. So glad we went!!! Thanks Sarah!!!!

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