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Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Outfit

The goal of my Halloween outfit was to make sure I can run in it and that it can be transformed and last until actual Halloween.  I'm running in the Johnny's Run Like Hell 5k this Saturday to raise money for Camp Good Days. My mom is excited that she will be in town and can watch the race.  Perhaps the best part of this race is that it is literally around the corner from where I live. My friend Stephanie (and neighbor Bob's daughter) is also running the race so my mom will have company on the side lines.  It will be an interesting race because it is at 3pm which is a random time for a race but understandable when a bar is hosting the race as post race food and drinks is at the bar.

I searched and searched for a costume that I could run it, that would be inexpensive to make and that I could hopefully reuse when my friend comes in town for Halloween.  I decided on being the queen of hearts from the Alice in Wonderland Version.  I like that her back story is that her most spoken words were "Off with your head" yet no one ever was beheaded because her husband would secretly step in to save everyone.

I purchased all of the materials to make my outfit for $10. A couple of weeks ago I took my friend to Craft Bits & Pieces and purchased some red and black felt, black ribbon, and a fake rose.  Then we went to Saver's wear I purchased a black t-shirt and then we went to JoAnn Fabrics where I purchased some white, red and black tulle and thicker black ribbon.  That Sunday I set out to make the tutu skirt.  My pattern for the outfit was the picture below I found online.

Now what I can tell you is that tulle stinks to work with and no matter what I did it doesn't look picture perfect like this one does.  The tulle always bunches up and then the colors start to mix. Especially when you run and your arms rub against it and it twist while you run.  Oh well... the point is the outfit was cute, didn't cost much and it serves it's purpose. :)

Here's some race pics! I ended up trimming the dress shorter and changing the headpiece to a rose on a bobby pin.

I came in 2nd place in my new "older more mature" age group and surprisingly came in 10th overall for women.  There was a total of 308 runners.  I felt like I ran faster than I did. Oh well, it was still a wonderfully fun run.

Believe it or not it was a costume race but there was a lot of scrooges who didn't dress up.

Neighbor Bob, his daughter Stephanie that I run with, me and my mom.

Me getting my 2nd place trophy.

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