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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fringe Fest and Photofinish 5k

Last week and weekend was pretty crazy. It seemed like a whirlwind but there was a lot of fun to had.  Here's the low down on what went on:

1.  My friends convinced me to run the Rochester George Eastman Photofinish 5k race.  It was at 8am on a Saturday morning. While I was kicking my friends for dragging me out of bed when I wanted to sleep in, I ended up being very grateful to them for talking me into participating in the run.

It was a beautiful fall morning and there was 1,201 runners. This was a philanthropic event that has raised 1 million dollars in the past 4 years that goes back to the Rochester community to support local non profit organizations.

There were many inspiring runners including a small boy in the wheelchair division who melted my heart. Unfortuately my competitive streak came out. Mostly I wanted to redeem myself from my poor performance from the Bagel run. I had been working on speed running for the past 2 weeks in order to prep.  My goal ended up being to meet a tiny 7 y/o girl who was booking it.  I didn't run past her until the last quarter of a mile and then only because I made myself sprint to the finish line. I ended up beating her but only by 10 sec.. I was satisfied with my time though...23.26.  I wouldn't have done that well though if she hadn't been there to motivate me.  I placed 94th out of 1,201 runners so not bad for a woman turning 35.

The post race snacks were great and perhaps the best part was the photo booth that they had for free. You could get together with friends before or after the race and take 3 poses that were shot and printed out for you right there on the spot. This was super fun. I liked having the memento from the race because I don't run with my phone and often times never get a pic of the run.

**Next race: Johnny's Run Like Hell Costume run in mid-October.

2.  I splurged for my birthday and scheduled a 50min. massage at Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage for Saturday afternoon following a friend's birthday party.  I ended up getting a call Fri. evening that there was a late cancellation and so they offered me a 100 min. massage for the same price of $30!! I definitely said YES!  I ended up with the most amazing massage 2 hour massage because they still ended up going over by 20 min.!!!

3. Saturday evening I met a friend for dinner and then we ended to one of the last Fringe Fest events.  We went to see PUSH Physical Theatre at the Eastman School of Music. I was partially excited because I had never actually been to Eastman.  This ended up being quite the adventure. The theatre we were in was king of small and it felt worse than airplane seating.  I had a really tall bleached blond older man next to me who ended up taking off his sandals, sitting cross legged so his stinky feet touched my thigh the entire time and my friend ended up with an intoxicated middle aged woman who's cell phone went off not once but twice during the performance.  All we could do was laugh about it afterwords!!  As for the wasn't like either of us expected or thought it to be. Some of the stories we didn't quite get the point of and we though the physical aspect of the performance would have been more like their last performance but throughout the hour.  The narrator which was the co-founder spoke in between performances and he did tell pretty funny stories so I felt like there was a bit of a comedy routine/life lessons throughout.

Following the performance we stepped out onto Gibbs street and saw some street performances including live music and a magician. We had dessert while walking. We then went our separate ways and I moved on to Writers & Books to view the Word Art performance called Love Letters. This was a combination of the Love Rochester blog (where you write a love letter about Rochester via a blog post or a postcard) and then they projected the messages onto the outer wall of Writer's and Books.  Music played in the background and wine and cookies were served. I thought this was a really neat concept but wished more people had turned out for the event.

4. Sunday morning I finally made it back to yoga! And I went with my brand new lulu lemon yoga mat. My awesome friend Libby surprised me and sent me this mat for my birthday. I never ever would have spent the money or asked for something this luxurious but man did it feel great doing yoga on that mat.

5. Sunday continued to be an awesome day. It was an amazingly beautiful fall day. My parents and grandma came up to celebrate my birthday. My mom made me my favorite chicken dish and chocolate zucchini cake with chocolate ice cream. They also brought me flowers. My dad helped me with some home projects and unfortunately cut his hand pretty bad right at the end. He refused to go to urgent care for stitches so I sent him home all bandaged up with a splint on his finger. :(

6. I finally received the final ATC card from the community swap. This was the first swap that I received all of the cards back!

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