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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Trampoline Fitness, Races, Potluck Dinners and Art: What a combo

My friends and I checked out Ariel Arts of Rochester trampoline fitness class this week as a new adventure.  It was a full body workout and a hilariously good time.  I like that you can just do drop in classes that fit whatever your schedule is that given week. This workout was way different from running and I enjoyed that it worked different muscles. I was less excited about being sore for the next couple of days.  All of us are going back this week!  We took a couple of group photos but unfortunately I forgot to have them take one of just me so I could post.  In order to respect my friends privacy I won't post the group photo. However; since this exercise class just started being offered they asked us if they could video tape a small portion of it for advertising. The class said yes, but little did we know we would be a main advertisement on the Ariel Arts site now!  So, if you want/need a laugh for the day check out our exercise class video at **Note there were others in the class that were regulars and been taking the class.

Other news; I registered for the Mess a Dress run and so far have about 4 friends also running with me in the race.  I have two dresses to pick from as a co-worker and my intern both donated dresses to me. Both have to be altered to fit me and make it so I can run in the dress, but I'm excited to kind of make my own dress. One is shades of pink so if I choose that one I'll be Molly Ringwald from Pretty in Pink and if I choose the red lace dress I'll be Julie Roberts in Pretty Woman. Stay tuned to see which dress I end up choosing. I'll take a before and after pic with the alterations and of course before and after pics at the race.

I'm excited to report that my friend found a Night Glow run for us to possibly travel to this summer. There is one in Baltimore and my friend has a friend we can stay with in D.C.. I believe the date for that run is July 9th. This was a run I had on my list of races to participate in and is one of the top 20 fun runs to partake in.

Oh, the faculty/staff Arts and Crafts Exhibit at work was just announced. It will take place through the month of March. I already submitted by piece. Aren't you surprised. :)

I started back to work and classes full time this week. It's been an adventure in and of itself. Adjusting has been a bit difficult but by the end of this coming week things should settle out.  One of things I was excited about with the semester starting was that it meant Candlelight Yoga would restart.  My institution is awesome in that it offers 5 different yoga classes each week (2 during lunch breaks and 3 at night) for free to all faculty, students, staff and alumni.  I was able to talk one of my classmates into trying out the candlelight yoga which I did last semester and loved.  I go on Thursday nights because I especially love the instructor Laura.  I feel she incorporates what yoga should be instead of what the western world has turned it into.  At the end of class I leave there feeling very much at peace with myself and the world.  As an added bonus I sleep like a rock those nights. It felt good to back in the class. I also found yoga makes me a stronger and faster runner.

A positive end to my week was a get together with my friends for a potluck dinner and game night. The food was amazing (chicken and dumplings, homemade mac and cheese, apple and walnut salad, desserts, risotto and more). In addition there was great beverages to choose from.  After dinner our games were Cranium and some wager game that we've played before. Last game night included Humanity and Pictionary.  Now if only I wasn't the only single person with 6 couples! ;)

Stay tuned for more art, races and other adventures...

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