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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sketchbook Project Creation Updates

Below are pics of the pages I've worked on creating this week for the sketchbook project.  I registered my sketchbook today and titled it "Happy Little Accidents".  One of the neat things that is forming out of my sketchbook is that it is becoming an interactive sketchbook.  I've incorporated a couple of pages that the viewer can take part in.  The one problem I foresee is that I have 14 pages left to fill in the sketchbook and I'm probably already getting close to hitting the 1" thickness just because I have
3-D materials in the book.

This image is created with mostly dashing and dots.

I printed this wood block press at an open gallery night at Genessee Pottery and Books.

I used an old brittle children's book to cut out the hearts from.

Picture this image as 8.5x11 and then I cut it up, added purple paper, bound it and created a mini interactive book.

The title of my sketchbook.

I'm the cupcake!

I used a sturdy decorative paper and created an envelop that I glued the edges and hand sewed to make sure it would stay together. Then I sewed it into onto a page in the sketchbook.  I created the blue flower out of a self hardening epoxy clay.

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