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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Keva Planks Interactive Exhibit

My nephew is visiting and since he enjoys science/play related things I decided to take him to Rochester Museum and Science Center ;  My friend provided me with a coupon from the Entertainment book so both my nephew and I were able to go the museum for a total of $10. This was way worth it as we spent the entire afternoon there and had a blast.

One of things we had fun doing was participating in the Keva Planks Exhibit.  There is a section on the mezzanine level with art pieces all created out of Keva Planks (little rectangular pieces of smooth wood). They art work is amazing!  Then they have tables and huge rolling buckets full of keva planks. You can sit down for as long as you want and create your own artwork, take a picture of it and they encourage you to post it on their facebook page.

Below are my nephew and my pieces of artwork. We both had fun creating that afternoon!

My 5 y/o nephew's masterpiece.

                                               My piece- My ode to the Mighty Colosseum.

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