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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Homemade Birthday Invites: Estro Fest 2012

One day I just decided that I was going to have a birthday party for myself this year. This was like one week ago... I had a notebook of Strathmore Imperial Watercolor postcards I picked up at Craft Bits and Pieces for .10 cents.  It was one of the random purchases that I had no idea when I would use them but for .10 cents and Strathmore paper come on... you just have to get them.

During Saturday Art with the ladies I began playing around with layering paint, adding texture mediums in, stamping, etc... using the postcards and later when I got home an idea started to form. Why  don't I turn these into birthday postcard party invites?  I spent another Saturday Art session making a total of 13 postcards and with my friends help came up with the theme; "Estro Fest @ Casey's House. Come Party!"  This is based off of an old Vagina Monolog's advertisement.  I decided to have an all ladies party this year going along with my pre-vorce theme this year of "girl power" kick that I'm on.

Each invite is unique. I'll post the fronts of the cards but not the backs because obviously my information is on the back. Can't wait for the party!

The one self criticism I have is that as I was writing the words on the front of the cards I began to wish I hadn't. The fronts are so neat and took so much time to make that I wish I would have kept them just as the piece of art and put the words all on the other side. The problem was writing all of the info. on half a side of a postcard was tough to fit it all in as it was, but I still which I hadn't wrote on the front.  Another criticism is that my writing style still sucks. I need to take a class or something. Anyone know of tutorials online?

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