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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Participate in a Random Creative Act of KINDNESS Just Because You Can!

For the past few years I've been participating in donating my art creations for varies charities/fundraisers. I want to start to do this on a more regular basis so I did a google search for charities looking for donations that are art/handmade related. I decided to start off with donating to: Love Letters Random Cards of Kindness, Inc; I thought with work starting back up and things about to get hectic that this would give me something positive to focus on accomplishing while at the same time doable with the limited time I'll have to work on art projects.

Here's their overall goal.
                                                  Mission Statement: 
Our goal is to create positive and inspirational homemade cards for children with life-threatening illnesses. We also want our "Love Letters Pen Pals" to inspires others in their community to commit to making a difference through our organization.

I found a bunch of blank cards just waiting to be turned into something and lots of random unused envelopes I had sitting around.  For the cards I printed out images I found online (reversing any image that might need to be reversed) and then used the transfer method I shared in a previous blog post to transfer the images onto the card.  With some of the cards I colored them in or added backgrounds with crayons, the postcards were painted and layered, stamps were used, and finally a thin black marker to do the lettering.  One thing I'm learning is that I could afford to take a class in writing styles. My writing  stinks! Any suggestions on how I can improve it?

All in all I made 13 cards/postcards and sent them out including envelopes and stamps. I hope they will brighten up some children/teenagers day. I'm pretty proud of my cheesy positive sayings. :)

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