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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bright and Easy Idea for LOOSE Photos & Cards

I saw this basic idea in a photo book I checked out at the library this summer and I fell in love with the concept!  Get out all of your old loose photos and those cards you wanted to keep but had no idea what to do with them so you just gathered them for years in a basket or box in a closet. Here's an awesome way to display them!

All you do is find or purchase a spinning card rack and put your loose photos and cards that you want to keep in the card pockets. After looking for a display rack in yard sales, thrift stores and craigslist with no luck, I went for a search on the net and found a 12 section spinning display rack at This was the smallest rack and least expensive at $25. The shipping is what hurt $10.  I kind of wanted to go bigger and get one of the tall floor ones to put in a corner in my dining room but wasn't 100% sure how it would look. I now wish I would have went big. It's the right size for now and it has room for a lot more pics and cards but someday I will need the larger version which is about $50.

This is my new fav toy/idea.  I had fun pulling out my boxes and putting my grandfather's old postcards from the early 1900's in the slots and then my trip/vacation postcards next to them. I also had cards from special occasions that I had kept, black and white photos, polaroid images, handmade cards and pics from my nephew, etc... and they all fit.  I used an old antique envelop to put tiny pictures in it for display otherwise they wouldn't have fit.  My goal is to create some sign to put on the top of the spinning rack (there's a place for it) once I come up with what I want to put on it (for now I have a polaroid snapshot of me when I was little). Now I have a talk piece for guest to look through and stories to reminisce and share with others instead of leaving these mementos hidden in the recess of my closet never to be seen or looked at for years.

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