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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Surfing (well sort of), Art fest, and Comedy Fun

Here's some of the fun adventurous things I've been up to lately:

* I found a SUPing group through BayCreek Padding- and tried it out. SUPing is the new surfing (especially if you only live near lakes)!  I met a handful of pretty nice people who were also trying it out for the first time. You basically stand on a surf board and have one paddle that you move side to side for direction and momentum.  It was really fun and quite the core workout. My abs and arms were sore the next day.  Although it was an extremely hot day and the instructor joked about "accidentally" falling in the water, I didn't and thankfully so as the creek was full of geese poo! This is a giant motivator not to fall. After cruising the creek we went out to the bay in the channel. We got some wave action from the jet ski's and boats which added excitement and a challenge. I would highly recommended trying this out. They've since started a fitness SUPing class. I'm thinking about giving it a whirl.

* I FINALLY got to check out the Cornhill Festival in Rochester, This is an extremely well known annual weekend summer art festival that is held in a beautiful little historic area of Rochester. The houses and landscape are quaint and awesome and there are many winding streets that are full of tents, vendors, musicians and a ton of food.  I'm a Rochester transplant and have lived here for 10 years but this is my first time there. Unfortunately for years the big family reunion Pig Roast was held the same weekend so family duties called instead of the festival.  I took several business cards from some really cool vendors and will add them here later (once I find them again). I always get inspired to create and try new techniques after going to an art festival. My mind is still spinning with ideas. Now I just need to finish those darn house projects so I can get to the fun creating!

* I recently came across an Open Mic Comedy Night that is held at Writers and Books once a  month, We can all use as much laughter as we can get so I had a free evening and checked it out.  The host was very funny and the other performers I give a ton of cheers to because they are all amateurs but brave enough to get up and practice/perform in front of everyone. I appreciate comedians not just because they make you laugh but because it's actually really hard to be a good comedian and takes a lot of talent and practice. Not something I could do. Most of the laughs I give people are not intended just perfect mishaps! ;)

***Done anything fun lately or tried anything new? Let me know! I'm always looking for recommendations!***

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