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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DIY Creative Coat Rack

The first image below is of a coat rack I made for my work office. There's an older post about it somewhere on my blog.  I was going for a raw screen printed kind of look.  I liked it for a brief moment in time but after three years of planning I now have a brand new office space in a new building.  I'm working on redecorating my office using some of my old art pieces and bringing in some new things like plants and a revamped coat rack.

I've been creating a bunch of arts and crafty projects lately which of course is thrilling, productive, creative and therapeutic in their own right but this is the first mixed media piece I've done all summer. Here's how I did it.

I started with the blank piece of wood from the old piece, painted with reds and yellows, used a crackle medium followed by yellow paint, modge podged some sewing pattern paper I got for .25 cents at Craft Bits & Pieces, tried some other collage pieces... didn't like the outcome so I tore most everything off and started all over. I found an image about REST that I liked in a magazine and cut it out, painted the background with blue, violet and white, added more modge podge with the sewing patterned paper, modge podged the cut out image on, smeared paint around the edges, epoxied buttons and an old key lock I found around my house. I used stamp letters and black paint to add the quote, "PS Enjoy Your Life" to the image.  I found old large headed nails in my basement and hammered them in the corners of the wood. I then used modge podge and an acrylic spray sealer over the entire piece then drilled and reattached the coat hooks. I put holes in the back for hanging.

 Viola!!! I love this piece. Way better then my last attempt! And the total cost was only $5 for the coat the coat hooks from HD. Wood was a left over piece from house projects.

First Coat Rack made a year ago.

Newest mixed media coat rack.

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