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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Creative Bird Seed Holder

I saw these bird seeders at a local art festival (Cornhill Festival) at a booth. I don't know the person who made them to give them credit but I thought it was an innovative idea and set out to try to make my own. It ended up being very easy, inexpensive and fun.

Materials needed:  old album records (free curtesy of my neighbor), spindles (either found or you can pick them up at Home Depot for $2 each), metal rod ($2.77 at Home Depot and makes 3-4 projects), exterior paint of your choice (can get sample size which is plenty for 2.99 at HD), epoxy, drill, screwdriver and one screw.

To figure out how to safely melt the records I watched a video on YouTube: I set out to make my own and found it very fun! I made 4 in a short amount of time and wanted to keep experimenting with different shapes. Then I painted the spindles, used a hacksaw to cut the metal rod into 3 pieces, drilled a 3" hole in the bottom of the spindle, epoxied one of the metal rods into the hole, and then drilled a hole in the top of the spindle followed by screwing the record bowl into the top of the spindle.

This entire project took about an hour (with waiting time in between steps) and I made 2 during that hour.  This was an easy and fun project. You then put in your yard or garden with bird seed in the bowl.

Another idea I saw for the melted old records are to use them as chip or popcorn bowls. That would be pretty neat and give me a reason to keep creating more! :)

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