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Sunday, October 23, 2016

String Nail Art

Work provided me with another art challenge back in September.  I was challenged to create a reusable sign that would draw attention in our dining hall for when we host Eat and Mingle events. This is a reoccurring event where we invite students over during the lunch time to mingle with us career coaches and ask us any questions they may have. It's a way for us to do some outreach and see our students in a different setting.

The challenge was not only creating the signage but doing it on a "zero" dollar budget again.  While we were moving students in on campus I spent some time getting to know our landscaper and asked him if he had any piece of wood or plywood hanging around not being used and he said he thought he could find a piece.  Monday morning he came strolling in with a nice big piece of wood for me.  I brought in my paints and painted the wood all black.  Then I asked my boss to bring in any nails she had hanging around. She brought in a couple of glass bottles full.  I brought in my embroidery thread that I had a lot of and thus the project began to come to fruition.

I penciled in the letters and then began hammering away.  I got some attention from the students and staff wondering by so it was a great way to start advertising for the event.  It took about 3-4 days to get all of the nails done.  This is because it was still 100-105 outside and humid so I had to do it in shifts since I working.  Then I started with the string.  I weaved in and out along the outside of the nail shapes and then went back through stringing inside the shape. I could have done it thicker but didn't have the time.

Overall the project cost "$0" and gave us a sturdy sign to use for years to come.  It also catches the eyes of students when we are in the dining hall. So a win win for all.

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