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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Check out Makerspace

I recently discovered that the Columbia, SC main downtown Richland Library has a Makerspace in it!  I went to the one in Rochester but it was opened by a couple of men who wanted to create a space for artist in the community to create even if you didn't have the space, tools, or knowledge yourself.  This was a great concept and while I visited it a couple of times much of the space focused on technology and not quite what I was looking for. You also had to become a member to use it and pay a monthly fee and I wasn't sure I would utilize it enough.

Well, through a professor at the college I work at I discovered this new local Makerspace right here in my new city.  I went with an art class of students and was given a tour of the space and learn of upcoming events/workshops being held. What's really neat is that this Makerspace takes place right in your traditional library. It is on the second floor of the library and holds a space for sewing, a woodworking shop, a green room, a post production editing room, a 2-3D art studio, a resident artist space and a movie theater.  Everything is state of the art. They also have multiple really cool meeting rooms there and tons of computers. Plus books galore!!!! If you can't find you'll know where I'll be!!!! If you live in Columbia, SC check it out.

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