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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Creative Deed Project

I follow Gretchen Millers, 6 Degrees of Creativity Blog. She is a fellow art therapist and is very active in field.  She sent out an email calling for participants to be a part of an Art Filled Postcard Exchange Project.
"Earlier this summer at the national art therapy conference in Baltimore, inspiration for a new creative collaboration was sparked during a 6 Degrees of Creativity meet-up, as well as a focus group I led on social media's impact on creative motivation. These initial dialogues resulted in art therapist Nancy Lautenbach and me to brainstorm ideas for a new creative collaboration. In the spirit of the Creative Deed Project launched by 6 Degrees of Creativity in 2014 and Nancy's viewing of The Big Hope Show at the American Visionary Art Museum while we were in Baltimore, we are excited to announce a postcard art exchange called "Art-filled Hope"." 6 degrees of creativity blog

I immediately jumped on board and said yes.  The goal was to create 3 hope filled inspirational postcards and then send them to the 3 participants that you were emailed which could be anywhere throughout the world.  I got my 3 mailed out in early September and then on FaceBook I saw that my friend/past art therapy supervisee was also partaking in this project. We decided to create postcards for each other and mail them.  She received all 4 of hers but I only received 3. Bummer! Oh well I still loved opening that mailbox and finding something beautiful and inspiring instead of just junk and bills!!  

Below are cards I made. Since I made an extra one I turned that into a card I sent to a friend.

These are the ones I received in the mail:

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  1. What a lovely and fun idea Casey - I love it! I would like to do something like that. My favorite is the last one you showed - because butterflies have special meaning to me, in addition to being my favorite insects!