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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Recycled Art

I found one last piece of wood/artwork left over from the Bike MS fundraiser I did back in August/September 2014. Some how (perhaps due to my lack of care) the adhesive photographed began to wrinkle. I was able to tear it off and reuse the beautiful piece of wood block I had created.

I'd been trying to think of a piece of artwork that I could create in a short amount of time that I could include in a gift basket for my Art Therapy Intern as she has been closely with me for the past year and is getting ready to complete her internship.  I felt that most of the time I was the only person in our office to truly value the effort and handwork she put into helping our Center out and I wanted to create a unique thank you gift.  I'm putting a basket together with things to remind her of this internship and our quirky staff.

I ended up painting a sunrise/or sunset (however you choose to perceive it) on the recycled block of wood. I put "Live Simply" on the art piece as it not only reminded me of my intern and her wonderful idea of life.  Once I put the acrylic sealer on the piece it really perked up and turned out beautifully!

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