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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's about that time...

Life has been speeding by and it's been hard to keep pace.  I'm overly excited that the weather has finally improved and it's staying lighter out until past 8pm now!! Woohoo... it's a natural motivator to get out hibernation and be active. I've already started running more, but of course I'm already eating ice cream more (daily for the past 5 days)!

Here is what else is new...
1. Graduation for my second Masters is very near. I turned in my thesis and gave my final presentation! So thankful that is over with.  I was asked by my presenters to present in CARS (Creative Activities Research Showcase) that is held before graduation. Any student undergrad/grad can submit an application to present a poster presentation based on research they have conducted. You have to have the support and backing of at least one faculty member.  This was the first year they gave awards and to my utter and complete shock I won 1st place! Since, I honestly dreaded this extra work on my plate and gave forth minimal effort I was very surprised to have won. I will say that in the end it was a positive and worthwhile event. While standing there articulating to the judges my research and the results I realized how far I've come as a professional in the field. I'm pretty pleased and proud of the work I've overall put into the thesis.  It doesn't hurt that I won $100 for CARS though I must say I deserved that $100 simply because I wore pantyhose, heels, a dress and stood for 3 hours!

2.  In other adventures I've had a good time going to another Rochester Nighthawks game (where they crushed Colorado State), been to some wacky yoga sessions, seeing my friends for book club, having numerous dinner, drinks and ice cream dates with my fabulous friends, and hanging out with my mom for a great weekend taking in the beautiful weather with long walks, (yet again ice cream) and catching a funny romantic comedy to boot.

3. There were a couple highlight of the past few of weeks was FaceTiming my nephew to celebrate his birthday and watching is obviously delighted reaction when opening the Pokeyman packs I had sent him. He apparently got two ultra rare cards in the packs and went wild. It was great to witness. My only regret is that I couldn't record it. I'd love to show him his reaction someday when he is older.  Another highlight was going home to visit my family for Easter. What was not a highlight was the 4" of snow they got on Easter in the form of a white out.  My parents surprised me with giving me my graduation present early.  They had my grandma who has passed away original engagement ring restored (it was cut off her finger when she was in a car accident many years ago).  There are a couple of small pieces of the original ring that were left over and it's crazy to think that the fragile state of the ring could have been restored to what it is today.  I love vintage jewelry and clothing especially circa 1920's-1940's. My grandma's ring is from the early to mid 1940's.  It's perfect and means a lot to me!  The only other piece of jewelry I have that compares in sentimental value and beauty is the circa 1970's estate ring my dad got me for Christmas 2013.

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