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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Art, Art and More Art

Last weekend was pretty wonderful. While I had some things to accomplish like laundry, cleaning up the house, getting the car inspected, and so on I was able to sleep in a little on Saturday, finish a good book and then hang out with some good friends and create awesome cards.  My friend Marcy is a card making guru. I don’t know where she comes up with the ideas for each card but they pretty amazing. One of my favorites is her hand carved/made godzilla stamp.  A bunch of us met ate great food and made the cards you see below. I love these get togethers. I just wanted to keep on creating.

My creative juices carried over to the week. On Tuesday evening instead of coming home after work and running I took a nap and then got up and searched for a piece of wood that I had laying around to start working on an art piece idea I had.  When at my friend’s house for the card party I saw a piece of artwork on my friend’s wall, took a picture of it and used it for inspiration.  My student worker has been “bugging” me for a while to receive a “Casey Original” piece of artwork as inspiration.  

I used this painting I saw that my friend purchased from an artist at the Cornhill Festival.  I found a piece of new pine wood in the basement and used that as my canvas.  I gessoed the wood with a few good coats and then using white paint, I used a few others colors and some water and created the base of the painting.  I took some stamps to add texture to the piece and then used a blow dryer to dry everything quickly.  I took a couple of images I found online of leaves/branches and a bird and cut them out. I added black paint and then pressed them on the canvas.  I rubbed the cut outs on and then pealed off. It was a spotty transfer so I took a brush and gently applied more black paint on to touch up the images.  I used block lettering stamps to put on the quote to finish up the piece.  Total project time 1.5 hours. Cost nothing as I had all supplies. I love the end result and I think my student worker with like it too.

The creative juices continued into my AT groups at work.  The directive for group members this week was to depict something/what inspires you.  I liked this quote I found about being yourself. I used tissue paper and decoupage to plaster an art board with tissue paper. I used a blow dryer to dry it. Then once dry I took pages from an hilarious book I found at the library sale earlier in the week.  I cut an owl image with one of the pages and then used the other pages to create where I would eventually put the quote. I adhered with decoupage.  I used my letter stamps to put the quote on. Then with the owl I used acrylics, watered them down and painted it. Once dry I used a permanent marker to outline the owl and the outside edges of the quote pages.  Overall I like the painting. Not sure what I’m going to do with it. Probably give it to someone who wants it. :)

While visiting with my parents I helped my mom make a doggie birthday cake for our family dog fatty Patty. She got this batter from a neighbor. It was pretty dense. I added the peanut butter frosting and the mini doggie biscuits.  Fatty Patty appeared to like her cake. She scarfed it up pretty quickly! :)

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