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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Fringe Fest Begins

The 3rd Annual Fringe Fest in Rochester got started this Friday. My friend and I headed down after a long week of work to enjoy some free music and entertainment.  We saw a the Sister's of Murphy band in which I know many of the band members. In case you haven't guessed they perform Irish music. And I love Irish music.

Following the music came the highly anticipated Circus Orange show, It was an interesting performance. They then try to entertain the crowd by creating a promonade where everyone was encouraged to walk around this huge tricycle that was on fire and had weird characters all around and on it. Oh, and I'm pretty sure the performance was in French or it wasn't then I couldn't understand it at all. Oh, wait I couldn't understand French either.  Anyway it was somewhat fun for the first part because we were at the beginning and saw the performance up close. Not so fun once people are pushing through the crowds walking and you are short like my friend and I. Then you don't really see anything but armpits and have to watch flying elbows and get a whiff of everyone that didn't use deoderant that day.

We followed around for a while and then cut out and walked around downtown until we made it to Java's, a cool coffee shop. I got a hot chocolate (it was a crispy fall night) and a PMS cookie (delicious). We listened to some African Drum performers for a little bit and then headed down to the Speigal Garden. There they had large size Jenga and Chess going on, some food trucks and heated lamps/fires going. While there a dance performance started by FuturPoint Dance,  This was an interesting reggae contemporary dance style and the outfits were very colorful. After some dancing they then started stripping down, where they painted and then a photographer using a white screen photographed them in dancer sculpture poses.  Unfortunately, the announcer invited people to move close up at that time and it became way to crowded and blocked the view.  At this point my and friend and I said we were over it and left for the evening.

This was a really good evening because I got to get out and check out some new arts and performances. Plus with parking, a cookie, and hot chocolate the entire night only cost $10 bucks!

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