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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Screen Printing

I spontaneously signed up for a class at The Brainery a couple of weeks ago. I've been wanting to take a screen printing class for a while now but the timing of the classes was never right.  While this time wasn't the most ideal time either but I decided to go for it.  So this past Thursday, I worked all day, taught my class and then hoovered my dinner down while driving straight to the 6:30-9pm class downtown.

The class was taught by the owner of Tiny Fish Printing, Tony.  There was 10 people taking the class and I ended up knowing another person through a friend of a friend.  The class came with step by step instructions on the history of screen printing, materials you would need to make a simple setup at home and then a walk through of the steps.

We ended up screen printing on stationary. It was really nice homemade stationary paper. We set up 4 work stations with 7 different prints on them. We learned to print with mixing paint colors and then printing 2 layers (different colors).  I ended up making 10 cards. None are perfect but I love them anyway and really enjoyed getting out, being creative, and simply creating.  It felt so wonderful that when the woman I knew in class mentioned that the October calendar for The Brainery just came out and she signed up the "lettering" class that I've also been wanting to take but the timing never worked out. Well, yesterday I looked it up and while it will be another full day of work, teaching a class and chowing down my dinner on the way there I signed up for the class!

Below are pics of the process and what I created!

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