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Friday, September 12, 2014

Check Out How I Spent My Lunch Hour

So, I receive a lot of weekly newsletters from area groups. It helps me to keep up with what is going on in the community and I find a lot of great things to partake in. Well, on Wednesday I was viewing over the Fleet Feet newsletter and came across their Friday Happy Hour Run. Now this is something they do weekly at their new Ridgeway location but I haven't wanted to fight traffic hour to cross the city to get there...until today. My motivation was that there was a theme to the run this week. It was called the Supercaper Fun Run. Basically you meet up with others all dressed up in superhero costumes and take part in a 2 or 3 mile run. At the end theres water and craftsman beer for free. In addition, they had free sweaty wrist bands, the rubber wrist bands, free rub on tattoos, and you got a free pint class with a "supercaper runner" on it.  One of the areas we ran in was high traffic and we got a lot of honks along the way. It was a super fun way to spend happy hour at.

Here's instructions on how to make a durable, inexpensive, superhero's cape and all in less than an hour.   

Step 1:
I remembered we had some plastic tablecloths that I fugally kept after a painting event for work. So I cut one up and tried to avoid the dried paint on parts of it.  I cut it to fit the length I wanted and then narrowed in toward the top to make it less in my way as I pumped my arms while running.

Step 2:
Went to Michaels with a 40% of coupon and got some "pow wow" decorative duck tape (total $3.00). I placed the cape on the floor in my office. Taped the "W" for Wonder Woman on the back and then cut long strips to tape half way on the bottom and side edges flipping the cape over to finish folding over the other half of the tape.

Step 3: 
I decided that it still needed some more "wow" factor to it so I went searching for Wonder Woman quotes on line and came up with three. Using a permanent black marker I wrote out the quotes onto the back of the cape.

Step 4:
Test out the cape by knotting it around your folded up short sleeve and run around your work office once everyone is back from lunch! :)

Bonus: Wonder Woman Head Piece

Step 1: 
Go into your work storage area and find the ridiculous things that were kept for no good reason after staff parties. I have no idea what we used a princess tiara this for but it came in handy today. I got permission to "recycle" it and set off.

Step 2: 
You take a piece of the extra plastic tablecloth and you wrap it around the tiara. Then you use clear packaging tape to tape it all together on the inside. Then you take a permanent red marker and draw and color in a star on the front. (Yes this took some talent considering it was a very uneven surface).

Step 3:
You also put this on and include it in your run around the office with your cape on!

Most of all take pride in your ingenuity and resourcefulness and rock it when you wear it!!

This is my Thor tattoo sideways.

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