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Monday, September 1, 2014

All Kinds of New Things

I've been absent for a few weeks. Life has taken over for a bit and I'm working on taking back some control of it.  Below is some of the good stuff that's been going on lately. I'll keep the horror stories (like my house becoming a bat cave) for another day.

1. I was lucky enough to enough a 16 day visit to my sister's where I was able to spend time with my 7 y/o nephew and be there for the birth of niece. She didn't quite cooperate and came a bit late leaving me with only about 36 hours to visit her until my next visit at Christmas. But I am very grateful to have been there and met her. She's healthy and beautiful!

2.  Card making with my friend.  Although I had a wonderfully fun day planned and it got side tracked by this little thing called bats I was still able to make it to my friends house (2 hours late) to make homemade cards. I've been wanting to make cards for a while since I have a lot of birthdays coming up for family and friends. What better way than to get together with a friend who is a stamping guru, turn on some good music, eat some great snacks and create!  This is just what I needed after the bat attack!  Thanks Marcy for the awesome afternoon!

3.  My friend invited me for a night out on the town to see the band Vinyl Orange Ottoman. She loves this band and neither of us as been to Skylark where the show was playing.  Another one of her friends came out and one of my friends. It ended up being a fun night out and I didn't lose to much of my hearing in the process.

4.  I started receiving some of the gratitude ATC cards in the mail.  There are some creative people out there. I've received 4 cards and they are all great. My favorite is perhaps the mixed media ocean scape. It's got texture and is glossy.  Another one came in it's own little envelope/case and it was made to stand up. That artist was pretty clever. I've enjoyed seeing the different materials and ways people have created their ATC cards.

5. I ended up raising $330 for the MS Bike Ride and sold 10 pieces of artwork.  I've also decided to challenge myself and do the 30 mile bike ride instead of the 15.  I'm excited that my artwork sold and helped raise money for MS. I'm a little apprehensive about the 30 mile bike ride (since I haven't biked since May and the most I've biked is 18.5 miles).  But I'm pretty sure I can do this. I just may not be able to sit for a few days!!!

6.  My friend invited me over for dinner and is allowing me to borrow her road bike for the bike ride. She made dinner for me and her boyfriend. It is some kind of Chinese dish I believe but can't remember the name of it. I know it had these crunchy noodles, chicken and grilled veggies. I surprised myself by liking it with the cooked veggies. Perhaps this means I'm growing up.....!!!  Thanks Amanda for dinner!

7.  Here's an easy DIY project I completed.  My mom gave me this giant metal star that she has had on her garage for years. It was black and a little dull and worn out after years outside.  I purchased a bottle of brown spray paint at the Dollar Store and put on a couple of coats of paint this weekend and tada... Doesn't it look great on my garage?!

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