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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Reiki and other updates

We hosted our annual wellness fair at the college last week.  It's a great event and we bring in a lot of free neat experience for students, faculty and staff such as free manicures, shoulder massages, cholesterol and blood pressure checks, and so on.  We even had Reiki and I got to experience it first hand. I no a little bit about it and have always wanted to try it but just haven't come across the chance to experience before now.  I received about a 15min. Reiki experience where a guy asked for permission to gentle touch spots on me (such as my forehead, shoulders, stomach, knees, and feet) while I was laying down.  I'm a person who likes that 3' of personal space so it was slightly odd having someone breathing right over me during parts.  It also wasn't that serene of an environment since we were in a large space with the booths right outside the door. With that said, I found it somewhat relaxing but no earth shattering changes.  My peaceful mood lasted about 10 minutes until I went back to work!

Other updates:
1. I received my list of zendoodle exchanges and mailed them all out to the recipients last Monday. 6 of the recipients on my list are from different places in the US and 6 are from other countries throughout the world.  I recieved an email over the weekend that a person I sent a zendoodle to in Oregon got my zendoodle. I then received one from her in the mail today.  Below is a pic of my first zendoodle I received in the exchange project.

2. I found out last Monday that my sister is having a baby girl! I'm so excited as this means I will have not only an awesome nephew but an already much loved niece. She will of course be spoiled!

3. I made it to trampoline fitness last week and had a blast. I realized I missed it and was hoping I could get there again this week but it doesn't look like I will be able to. Another full busy week of commitments.

4.  I went to the art therapy and art club event on campus since I am the AT club advisor. The students were hosting a 6x6 ROCO party for the community. They had two art based techniques they would teach you if you wanted to learn something new (which of course I did) and then you could also submit your pieces to ROCO. They ended up collecting 32 pieces to donate for the fundraiser.

The art technique I learned was to put shaving cream on a paper plate and spread it out. Then use food coloring, choose your colors and put just a couple of drops wherever you want on the shaving cream. Use a toothpick to make a design or mix the colors together if you want. Then place your canvas or art board down on the shaving cream and tap gently.  Lift up and flip over. Using paper towels wipe off all of the shaving cream residue (this is where you can experiment a lot by how you choose to wipe of the shaving cream- circular motions, up and down, etc...). I could have experimented with this technique all night. As it was, I was only planning on being there for an hour and was there for 1.5 hours! Below are pics of my newest 6x6 creations.

5.  Here is a pic of a mandala I made in the art journaling I'm keeping for the Art (Therapy) + Happiness Project.

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