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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life Is Crazy: So Create

Ahhhhhhhhhhh..... I thought my time would free up and I would be creating more but alas that has not happened. In fact, it seems to be the opposite. Here's what I have done in the last couple of weeks.

1. Here's some more pics of zendoodles that I've received my global art swap project.  I'm slightly disappointed that I haven't received the full 12 yet (only 9 so far) though I've heard that Mexico mail is slow so at least that one might be coming still.

2.  I went to the Rochester Artists and Crafters meetup that I'm a member of. Deborah the main host facilitated a paper bead making workshop.  My friend Amanda ended up going with me. We again were the youngest out of the bunch. Regardless, we had a great time learning new art techniques and meeting wonderful people.  We learned how to make regular paper beads using angled cuts and then with straight cuts learned to make beads that really come out looking like beads because you attach finishings to the ends.  I attempted to throw together a bracelet but made it to big so I brought the pieces home with me and now just have to find the time to make a necklace or bracelet.  The cost to make paper beads is low but the process is very time consuming. I found the process to be meditative but my friend found it a bit frustrating.  (She'll also tell you I'm annoying because her beads didn't pass my inspection and we were sharing.) Below is a pic of the the beads finished but nothing quite yet made out of them.

3.  With the end of the academic year wrapping up I facilitated the last sessions of my three groups last Friday.  During group I sometimes work on simple pieces of artwork that don't require a lot of my time and attention so that I can be present in the group but not just sit there and stare at group members.  Here's the piece I finished up this past week. I actually let it. You can see my layering, owl and quote theme as continued on.

**Stay tuned.  I've signed up for another art global art swap.  Now I just have to find the time to create!!!!

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