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Monday, April 14, 2014

Mess A Dress Race

This past Saturday was the Mess A Dress 5 miler trail race that I've been talking about since January.  This race was to benefit Center for Youth Services and was put together by Trail Runners of Rochester and Fashion Week of Rochester.  I chose the Molly Ringwald, pretty in pink dress to wear which was donated by intern.  I modified it and on the day of the race had some technical problems with it.  The straps I sewed on would not stay up so I ended up cutting them off and going strapless. This turned out not to be a problem during the race.

This is the description of the race that I sent to family and friends:

 It was a brutal messy run. 90% of running was through mud up to my calves, 5% steep steep hills that were of course slippery and muddy, and 5% running through mud/water pits and rivers up to my knees/thighs. I fell flat in a pool of mud at about 4.5 miles. That is why you magically don't see my gloves on the pictures near the end of the trail. Yes, I littered during a "green" run- i'm a horrible person, but there was no way I was carrying the wet gloves as my legs could barely carry me at that point. 

I was wiped out by the time I hit mile 2. That's what I get for listening to AC/DC at the start. Would have come in 5th female overall if I had noticed a girl coming right up at the finish line, but I had my music to loud and was trying to make it up the practically vertical finish line hill. Lost  by 1 sec.!!!! That hurt. Still made the top performer list though.  

I always feel like vomiting after a run but this time I actually did. Totally gross and unpleasant!!! 

Lessons learned- trail runs are harder than road runs but wayyyy harder when they are all mud. And don't EVER where a tight dress with wire ribbing/boning- very hard to run and breath at the same time in it. And it would have been more fun if my friends had actually run in it with me. I would have actually been racing, just having fun with them, but they all bailed! Yes, you know who you are!

The highlight was that I met this celebrity from Real World MTV. He was from back in the day (so I had actually seen that season) but was recently on the Challenge ones and will be on the next one. He's hot for 40. (he's the guy posing with the balloons) I had my picture taken with him.  The one pic is of me in the background with the 12 y/o boy in front who kicked my butt. In my defense he was taller than me!

So, are you ready to do a trail mud run?!!

The end. A river to go through and then a steep hill.

The beginning. I'm somewhere in there.

Me trying to stay warm and putting my game face on. Not!

Group photo at the beginning.

I'm so over the race at this point but attempted a smile.

The lead Trail Runner guy, the Real World guy, and the head of Center for Youth Services.

Me in the background with the 12 y/o boy in front who kicked my butt. In my defense he was taller than me!

My name is listed on the right side under top female performers.

Boy was he tall. Oh and he heard me mention to someone that he has big feet. That was embarrassing.

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