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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Crafting With Friends

I had been looking forward to this get together with my friends for a while. I wanted to connect with them before things get crazy with the holidays.  My friend Marcy invited a few us over for a card making party. We listened and sang (or rather I got laughed at for my singing inabilities) to holiday music, ate some delicious treats Marcy put together for us, and created cards. My friends all focused on holiday cards but since I had that done I focused on creating thank you and birthday cards which I desperately needed.

A wonderful thing about this get together is that Marcy is a Stampin Up card making guru! She has oodles and oodles of supplies, inks, stamps, embellishments, and so on.  She is also very knowledgeable about how to make any design you are looking for. I felt intimidated at the beginning because my friends are all talented and sometimes it's difficult for me to start something cold turkey with no frame of reference, but soon I was a card making fool. I really like all of the cards I completed and have used several already. :)  I can't say enough about what a great time this interaction with my friends was and it was very much needed in my life at this time.

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