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Monday, December 23, 2013

Captain Underpants and My Future Husband

I'm waiting at the airport for my flight to take me back home after a wonderfully fun holiday visit with my sister, nephew and brother-in-law. While we had many adventures during my 10 day visit I thought I'd share a project or two. My nephew has always loved reading and I found six Captain Underpants books for him at Savers brand new for 5 dollars. I carted them down to SC and we spent each day reading through this off beat comic book chapter series.

We purchased a white t-shirt from Walmart and used Crayola Fabric markers to recreate an image from one of the front book covers. I drew the image and my nephew colored it in. We made quite the team and he wore the t-shirt proudly today. The only downfall was there was no skin tone marker to color in Captain Underpants so that was a slight bummer.

We did some other drawing and coloring while I was there and I noticed that my nephew has become quite the artist. He continues to crack me up with his random thoughts and now I can add random drawings to that. I'm not quite sure what prompted this latest drawing but he all the sudden gave me an image he had drawn and stated, "Aunt CiCi this is what the man you marry should like."

In case you couldn't tell my future husband should have a beard (though it looks a bit like a goatee), curly mustache, earring in one ear and a Mohawk.  What a hoot!

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