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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Get in the holiday spirit with the Turkey Trot and Jingle Bell 5K's

My counterpart at another college won first in her age group too!

Well I completed my final two runs for 2013! I participated in the YMCA Turkey Trot for my hometown area. This was at 9:30am on Thanksgiving morning. My dad refused to come because he had to go hunting, but my mom was willing to be dragged as long as there was Dunkin Donuts Coffee involved.  The cool thing about this race is that they had the YMCA gym open so all participants could wait inside prior to the race starting. Considering a winter storm had just passed through the day before and the premature was a balmy 16 degrees I was so thankful to be able to wait inside.  I actually waited inside until 5 minutes before the race started and I still couldn't feel my ankles or feet for almost the entire race. Apparently I needed the motivation of the cold to make me run the fastest 5K I've ever run.  My final race time was 23min. 40sec. and I won first place in my age group which was depressing in itself as the group was 30-39.  I won a Butterball Turkey and a jar of organic natural peanut butter. Both of which I quickly gave to my parents. We will now have a turkey for Christmas Day. :)

My final run was the Jingle Bell 5K this past weekend. I decked myself out with bells on my shoes, bracelets that were all bells and a green and red tutu with bells.This was a festive fun run, but also cold. It was at MCC and due to hockey games and basketball games there was no indoor waiting place before the run started. I hoped in and out of the car to keep warm. Again I walked to the starting line about 5 minutes before the race started and couldn't feel my hands this time for half of the race.  Apparently what made me improve on my race time this time was the fact that my ipod failed me. Someone it didn't get charged properly so I had no music (which is my saving grace when I run). So I had to listen to people dogging me the entire way and hear my own horrible asthmatic elephant breathing. My final time was 23min.27sec.. Hooray!  I won 3rd in my age group but at least the group this time was 30-34. I received a nice bronze Jingle Bell medal.

My friend won 3rd female overall. 

So what's in my running future. Well, I DO NOT run outside during the winter (except for the upcoming 2 weeks when I'm down south where it is warmer). Yes, I'm the loser on the treadmill for about 3 months before spring get's here.  I've started to train for a half marathon. Yes, again I realize in a prior post when I first started running races that I said I would never run a half marathon but I guess I have the bug. Not the full marathon bug though.

Here's some other runs that I'd like to participate in in 2014:
The Spartan
Tough Mudder
Flower City 1/2 Marathon
Night Glow 5k
All Star Shenanigan's
It's a Wonderful Life
Reindeer 5k (possibly)

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