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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Women Roc, Makerspace, Summer Freebies, and more...

Summer has continued to be jam packed with many new adventures. Here's a taste of some of the things I've been up to:

1. Paddle Boarding (SUPPing) at Bay Creek Paddle;‎.  I went one time last summer and it was fun. It was even better this time becauses I knew what I doing and was able to go with and teach a friend.

2.  Women Run the Roc 5k race- a part of Fleet Feet running; .  This was for a great cause- Operation School Supplies for Inner City after school programs. I dropped off a bag of school supplies and got to run with over 365 women.  I set a seriously high goal for myself to run the race in 26min. minutes. To my awesome suprise I met that goal and then crushed it coming in at 25min.46sec. I improved on my last race by 2 min..  I wore my very bright colored new running shoes and ran with a friend so that was fun. Lesson learned this time- it was positive to study the map race route ahead of time. I knew when I hit the 2 mile mark and could kick it into gear.  I came in 42nd out of 365 runners overall and 15th out of 62 runners in my age catagory. Not to shabby!

3.  A visit to the newly established Makerspace;  Not sure what to expect and due to the location I conned a friend into coming with me to an open house night at Makerspace (thanks Marcy!).  This was a cool place filled with a bunch of geeks (like myself). We received a tour by one of the founders, Rob. Some of the cool things going on in this space are: an awesome wood working room, a sewing machines, stain glass making, a soon to be art framing section, electrical stuff, machinist corner, a children's play area, information library and perhaps the coolest part a 3D printer!  We learned how the 3D printer works and we hope they offer a class in it soon. Marcy and I felt right at home sharing in the sci fi quotes floating around all evening.  We were even asked to participate in a practice class for an electrical course being offered this weekend. We got a free course which fried my circuits. :)

4. I made it back to a Stampin Up Technique Geek class a week ago. Learned some useful techniques, got inspired and had fun catching up a couple of my friends who also took the class. We all planning in heading to the next Geek class in Aug.. :)

5. I attended the monthly Dress A Girl Around the World through Angels of Mercy Inc..  I also attended their Stop Sex Trafficking awareness event where there was presentations, the video "Chosen" was shown and lots of great cookies and beverages followed.  I'll be running in the 5k race for this project/awareness event the end of September.‎

6. Rochester has a lot of awesome free events during the summer. I took advantage of some of these events by attending the Wegmans Concert Series called Music on the beach where a friend and I brought our chairs and drinks and listened to an Irish band and watched Irish dance troops on a breezy hot summer night.  That same week I attended Movies at the Park (Highland Bowl). I went because it was retro night and they were playing the original Ghostbusters! Awesome!

*** Stay tuned for upcoming projects and adventures: building of the Little Free Library and the much anticipated Zombie 5K race!!!

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