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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Boulderfest, Zombies, and Cheese

Here's an update on some of the things I've been up to, including the much anticipated Run For Your Lives Zombie 5k!

1. Boulderfest: -  My friend and I decided to check this mini festival out after all it is for a good cause. It was quite an interesting eclectic mix of people and music to be sure.  There were two stages for music and an array of styles of Punk, Jam, Rock, Indie and more.  The spectators were also a wide variety of characters, from goth to a full purple velor outfit, to the homeless man with his dog, to a birthday guy who was being video taped by his friends while he was trippin'.  The porta potties were horrid (as reported by my friend). After her expression upon existing one I chose to be in pain and hold it until our next destination.  The vendors were lack lusters (only a few) but the food vendors were plentiful and all were generous in giving some of their profit to Harmony (who the festival was being held for).  Needless to say I was ready to go when it was time to leave to go to a nearby venue to watch a different band perform.

2.  Southwedge Fest 2013 or wait rather a no go fest. My mom was visiting and I was excited to check out this neighborhood festival for a few reasons; Hedonist Chocolate, The Little Bleu Cheese Shop-, and the fact that it was near where I used to live in the city so I wanted to support this up and coming neighborhood. Unfortunately, once we got to the area there was nothing going on!!  My mom thought I got the date wrong but I didn't!! As it turned out this isn't the first time this neighborhood has organizers from the neighborhood plan events only to pull out at the last minute which is apparently what happened to this years Southwedge fest. I do have say that's a loser move on their part.

Since it was a nice day and we were already there we decided to take the opportunity to walk the Southwedge main street and take a stroll through the shops.  A professor of mine and his wife opened up The Little Bleu Cheese Shop and it is so adorable and unique. A highlight of this adventure was checking out their store and seeing my professor at work.  Hedonist chocolate spelled delicious, was pretty expensive, and had No samples. What kind of a chocolate shop is that!  We went into a couple of other quaint shops and checked out a myriad of neat one of a kind sandwich shops and bakeries.

3. The much anticipated Run For Your Life Zombie Apocalypse 5k was held last Saturday. It was a very fun run, a little difficult from a running perspective, and incredibly dirty. The Zombies met my expectations as far as costumes. They were pretty vicious especially if you still had a flag on you by the mid-point (which is so atypical for zombies).  I would describe them at the beginning as the zombies from Walking Dead season 1 and then by midway they turned into zombies from the end of Walking Dead season 2.  They literally chased you and ran really fast if you had a flag on you.

The race took place in the backwoods on a motor cross field and then led into a narrow wood path through the woods and back onto the motor cross field.  Zombies were all over. There was a smoke house with live electrical wires (us ladies didn't get hit with the wires but the guys with us did and they hollered like girls!) and a blood tank which was practically as tall as me and freezing. There were a couple of mud pits that you had to crawl through with barbed wire above you and you had to go through on your belly or else you would get caught by the wire. I know this because I got my shirt and hair caught in it trying to stay on my knees. (ouch!) That was the grossest I've probably ever been.  There were some other fun aspects including the pictures you got to take with the zombies at the end.  I did get a trophy and t-shirt but sadly my trophy says "infected".  All of my flags were taken but I lasted the longest out of our group with our original flags. I also do not have my race bib to show because a vicious zombie yanked it off of me trying to get my flag. Damn zombies! If you like fun runs I would recommend this one. I even screamed once because a zombie popped out the woods one time.

**Stay tuned for the Dirty Girl 5k I'm doing with a friend in September. Also, we signed up for the Chicago Hot Chocolate 5k in November. I'm a little worried about the cold and my Raynauds but if there was ever a race tailored for me it would be this one!

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