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Monday, November 5, 2012

Stampin' Up

While at my neighborhood art festival this September I won a free $20 gift card to this Stampin' Up card making class. The classes are held on one Tues. and one Thurs. night a month. It's taken me up until now to find a free day to go but I made it.  I took the Creative Tuesday class but really want to and plan to try out the Technique Geek Thursday class (in Dec.).  Here's the class information:  The classes are held in a large room in a local church right in my neighborhood so that was convenient.  Believe it or not there are a ton of women (maybe men too but not the night I went) who go to these classes each month. There are regulars!

It wasn't quite what I thought. I made two different types of cards and you basically get the supplies in a bag when you get there, go to a table where there are instructions and a sample of the first card design your making and then you just make it at your own pace.  There were a lot of instructors around to ask for help if you needed it or I found a great way to interact and meet people was to ask them for help.  Boy, stampin' up is a whole other world.  They have pressing machines and cutters, special glue dots, puffy adhesive, and the list goes on. There is also apparently an entire stampin' up lingo that kept throwing me off.

Needless to say I enjoyed creating and trying something new. Plus I made something I will get to use over the holidays and winter.  Now I want to try the technique thursday class because you learn all kinds of techniques for card making but I believe I can apply it all to mixed media work also.  I'm scheduled for December and will keep you posted!  Below are my creations!

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