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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Inexpensive Wall Decoration

The concept of this project began with a group directive I facilitated. The directive was to think of your life motto/inspiration that has helped you. I began by creating an image of a hanging quilt inside of a large vintage wood frame with a quote on the quilt. This image eventually led to this project. From inception to completion it took me about a month.

I first found a very old very large wooden screen frame from my 1930 home that I found in my garage. I tore the screen out, took the hardware off, filled holes and began painting. I've been looking for a piece for my bedroom in the sitting area. I decided to use a color that would bring out the blue accent wall that my bed frame is against (so I used the same color paint as the accent wall). On a visit to Craft Bits and Pieces I found this remnant material for .25 cents and the off white piece for .25 cents. I got some vintage buttons for .50 cents. I came home found this quote by Dr. Suess that I liked and embroidered it on the off white cloth and zig zagged stitched the off white piece to the larger fabric. The original wood frame was about 4.5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. As a result the main fabric wasn't tall enough so I sewed on some vintage looking decorative fabric to the top and bottom. I already had doubts about if this would look good but went with it. To finish the piece I used a hefty stapler and stapled the fabric to the back of the wood frame.

OUTCOME: didn't like it! The frame was to big and with the added fabric it didn't look good. So I was frustrated and let it sit for at least a week. Eventually when I tackled it again I took another old smaller screen frame from the garage and repeated the above process. I had to rip the fabric off the original frame, cut it down since the new frame is about 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide, and re-staple. OUTCOME: Much better! Better enough to actually put a hanger on the back and hang it in the intended location. Total price of entire project $2!

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