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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yarn Wreath Made Easy

I've seen these yarn wreaths on pinterest and they all look really pretty. I found a tutorial;

I went to Michaels Craft store with a 50% of coupon and purchased a straw wreath for 5 dollars. I kept the plastic on it. Used some thin colorful mohair yarn that I got for free from a friend and wrapped the yarn around the wreath. And wrapped and wrapped and wrapped (this took about 45 min. but was mindless work and kind of relaxing). Then I made flowers out of felt. I would say this took the longest and was more difficult (for me at least). As you can see in my pictures I started out with a different set and color of flowers but wasn't sure if I liked them with the yarn I used so I made a new set with different colors and styles. My best suggestion would be to experiment with the flowers. I found it hard to follow the tutorials so I just ended up creating my own by experimenting.

I should mention my one fatal flaw... After tying off the final yarn I had a brain fart and thought I needed to use the felt flowers to cover the knot and end of the yarn (even though this was on the back side). Therefore it wasn't until I was done hot gluing the flowers on that I wondered why my yarn didn't seem as straight and perfect and gaps were showing through to the straw. Yep... you guessed it I should have flipped it back over and glued the flowers on the front side that I had focused on making straight and full with the yarn instead I wasn't thinking and finished the project on the backside. Let's just say felt, hot glue and mohair yarn aren't friendly if you need to take them apart so I just made due with the backside and tried to move the yarn around to fill in gaps. Really I'm the only one that will probably notice the flaw, but still....

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