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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Growth Means Change- Mixed Media Collage

I originally saw something like this (the yarn for flowers) on a post on pinterest a while ago but couldn't find it again to give credit. I was facilitating a group this past week where the directive was to think of a past regret and then consider your thoughts and feelings about that regret currently after time may have passed. Group members were asked to create an image of their current thoughts and feelings.

I began to create this image and finished later in the week. My thought process was that while I may have regretted a situation or how I've handled it in the past I still believe I can learn from those regrets and in the future I can perhaps handle things differently to avoid a future regret.

I used very watered down watercolors on canvas as the base. Then used yarn and vintage buttons to create the flower. Then I took a very old book and ripped up a pieces for the stems and wrapped embroidery thread around the stems. I chose to use a foam stamp of leaves and watercolors to create the grass/leaves on the image. I took glitter glue and dabbed it on a paintbrush and spread in between and around the flowers. Finally a permanent marker to write the quote on the top half.

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